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First edit the email message to remove all unwanted or personal information. Begin by selecting the email from your email program (Outlook) and clicking “Reply” on the menu bar.

From the menu bar find “Format » Styles and Formatting…”. You can select the entire message with ctrl-A, then select “Clear Formatting” from the “Styles and Formatting” menu. This will eliminate most of the unwanted formatting and allow you to adjust type-styles, colors etc… without too many headaches.

Note: I find that Verdana 9-10pt. gives the look of a newsletter. Be carefull, too large a type style may cause problems with viewing.

Choose “Save as” from the menu bar. Now choose “Web page, filtered” from the “Save as type” drop-down in the dialog box. Make sure to save all articles into the same convenient folder somewhere on your hard drive. This will help eliminate filename conflicts.

The article can then be uploaded via the “Add New Article” button above.
A window will ask you to title and select the HTM file previously saved to your hard drive and enter the number of supporting files. These supporting files can be found and viewed by right clicking the C: drive icon in the window and selecting Explore.

When submitted, the window then allows you to select the supporting files, if any exist, and Upload!