The initial set up support for the program is 5 days (mixed between the company’s location and yours) at no additional cost. If requested, additional on-site training is available for $500 per day. All travel expenses are the franchisee’s responsibility. Unlimited on-going support is available via telephone and via web chat sessions. 1-800-380-7906 is provided for you and your customers.

Fast Start Program

We set as a top priority reaching early stage operations so franchise owners revenue quickly thus paying back their initial investment quickly. Whereas other operators with less robust business models may take years to reach payback, each brand in the Homeplace Vision franchise program should payback the initial investment in less than 2 years. The program consists of a specific number of initiatives that will allow you to begin accepting leads, proposing projects, winning deals and making profit. The following are the tasks in The Fast Start Program:

Set-up Email

We set your emails up with a email address such as; and/or,

Order Business Cards

The initial set of cards are provided for one person at no cost. We utilize a dual branded card with one side bearing the Handy@Home brand and the other side bearing The Remodel Place brand.

Order Logo Wear

All logo wear is provided by the franchisee. You may choose styles of logo wear but all original logos are to be used with no changes in style or color.

Install QuickBooks

We provide the latest version of QuickBooks and install our proprietary version for your use.
You are required to pay for the initial license and the service. We are entitled under the Franchise Agreement to receive a weekly download of your file as well as bank account information so we can submit ACH payment for entitled fees and royalties.

Install Cost/Pricing Model

Download the cost/pricing model from the Documents tab.

Install Proposal

Download the proposal model from the Documents tab.

Install Customer Forms

Download the customer forms from the Documents tab.

Install Sub-Contractor forms

Download the sub-contractor forms from the Documents tab.

Lead Generation

We’ll help you set up your profile for the types of services that you desire to offer, how to respond to leads as they come in. We have experience with, Google, Facebook Market Place and

Costing, Pricing, Risk Management

We provide all support tools to allow you to document the specifications of each opportunity, cost the project using our network and price it such that you win most of your jobs while retaining the profit expectations that you desire.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

We have developed a proprietary QuickBooks template for your use. Once you have acquired the package we’ll download the QBW file from the Documents and restore the file. It will contain the relevant chart of accounts, reports and invoice formats.

Proposal Preparation

We will train you on preparing the proposal.

Working with Suppliers and Subcontractors

We teach you how to prepare the Subcontractor SOW and Agreement for the work to be performed, timings for completion and fixed prices.

Managing the Customer

In this component we teach the franchise how to acquire the customer, condition their expectations, manage the process, collect money, resolve conflicts, etc.

Full Program Training

 Other training components are as follows:

Standards and Values of Franchise

We review the franchise Code of Conduct and Ethics guide.

Risk Management Tools

In this component we overview the risk management tools that are built into the model needed to manage the customer (liability, scope of work, receiving payment, managing change, specifications, and project sign-off), and with sub-contractors (liability, scope of work, non-competition, making payment, and project sign-off).

Acquiring and Branding the Work Van

We provide the information for your first van including the profile of the type, cost, contents and the logistics around getting the approved wrap installed, etc.

Working with Suppliers and Subcontractors

We review the program for how to engage with sub-contractors and in regions where provided, our network of partners and suppliers.

Reporting to the Franchisor

We teach you how you are required to remit monies to us for payment and how we work with you to establish the weekly amounts due via the reporting that comes from your weekly revenue report.

Three Tier Marketing Program – Marketing to Neighborhood, Household and Affiliates

This program teaches you how to market into neighborhoods by initially acquiring a lead in that neighborhood, securing a job (or proposing a solution) and then building on being in the neighborhood with activities centered around creating awareness.

Setting up the Office

We provide ideas on how to configure your home or off-location office including computer support, furniture, etc.

Required Staff

This is an overview of the staff that are required to start in the beginning with handyman jobs and then progress as you become more involved in complex jobs.

Safety Standards

A review of work safety standards that are commonly adhered to in the industry.

Daily Operating Procedures

A schedule for daily work activities during the normal business week and on Saturday.

Using eToolkit©

Hands on training on all aspects of eToolkit© including setting up your franchise, and web-facing configuration for cities, neighborhoods, rates and services, appointment schedules, promotions, job estimator, reporting and email management.

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