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A Great Year in 2018

We had a good year for the expansion of our franchise on several fronts. Some of the highlights:

1. We added two new franchisees and received a verbal on another late in December. We are very referenceable as we roll into
high growth mode in 2019!
2. All of our team members were successful in closing new deals depending on their focus – remodeling or handyman services!
Our use of HomeAdvisor, Web.com, Good Contractor.com, and Porch.com have all yielded new deals!
3. The system experienced a near perfect delivery track record with over 100 jobs completed, yet with only 3 problematic job
outcomes. The 3 that did occur were resolved without costly legal means. In Denver we obtained BBB certified accreditation.
4. We continued to build our qualified sub-contracting resource with the addition of best in class suppliers including
cabinet, countertop, skilled providers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) and project managers.
5. The technology team improved the platform on just about every front with a major focus on improving system security and
self-service capabilities in remodeling and handyman services.
6. We completed legal and media development for three new services with related branding. Given funding, I am optimistic that
we can bring these new capabilities on-line as another means to expand your presence in the neighborhoods where you are
7. We increased our database of potential new franchisee suspects and are beginning outreach now and have three sales
resources executing this effort.
8. We improved our conference support resources including the development of brochure media and a very impressive new 30ft.
booth. In this capacity. We attended the Expo South and Veterans Franchise conferences with fair turnout.
9. We have self-funded our operations through franchise fees, royalties and member investment. We have no debt, incumbrances
or obligations to any other entity.

Denver Franchise Wins Better Business Bureau BBB Accreditation!

Congratulations to the Denver team for success in acquiring BBB accreditation in 2018. Our focus in Denver has been to advance the Handy@Home® brand through neighborhood centered handyman and remodel projects. Alfredo and his team have successfully completed almost 100 jobs in 2018 to date!

Franchisees Hit Their Stride in 2018

We’re very proud to announce that all but 1 franchisee has done exceptionally well in 2018, winning jobs and delivering excellent service. In July, of 12 active large scale jobs only one has reported issues. Our focus will continue to be on quality and now growth throughout 2018!

Ft. Worth Franchise Scaling Up the Business Design Center

Our first and most successful franchise led by Mart Ratliff, having doubled its sales performance against its 2018 goal is taking the next step in 2019! Soon coming is the first Remodel Place® design center. Located in Ft. Worth Tx., the center has vignettes for different shower configurations, tile and countertop samples, custom cabinet designs, fixtures and color schemes. Plus on-site assistance for design ideas and proposal presentation!

Great Start for 2019!

Though 2019 started out a bit slow, job flow is catching up quickly. Our Texas and Colorado franchisees are winning jobs consistently – our delivery success is on track for almost 100% customer satisfaction and profitability!

Homeplace Vision Adds Denver Area Franchisee!

Congratulations to Alfredo and Amanda Puyol in acquiring the Denver area franchise. “We’re excited to add Alfredo and Amanda to the team”, says Jeff Brown Managing Partner at HomePlace Vision. ” We’re confident that this couple will knock em’ dead in this fabulous market”.

NEWS FLASH – HomePlace Vision® Now Offers Financing in Conjunction With Pango Financial!

In addition to in-house financing, we now offer an innovative program for franchisee funding through Pango Financial™.

Click below to learn more and get started!


The Remodel Place Expands to Michigan

Congratulations to Michigan as a new location for company operations. Right now we are in the licensing process and should be operational in two months. This is a great market for our ever increasing home renovation business!

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